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The company Moravskoslezské cukrovary s.r.o. is a daughter company of the AGRANA group. The company has two production plants: Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou (incl. headquarter) and Opava.

In total, we produce sugar at nine facilities in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is here that we process sugar beet from contract growers and refine raw sugar sourced from around the world.

Agrana in the Czech Republic

Hruso­vany nad Je­visovkou plant

Significant data from the history of the sugar factory in Hrušovany and Jevišovkou

In the picturesque scenery of the Dyjskosvratecký vale (vale of rivers Dyje and Svratka) less than 50 km southerly from Brno is situated the town Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou. The first written reference to Hrušovany is from the year 1131, however, the evidence of settlement are much elder.

History of sugar making in Hrušovany is narrowly linked with members of aristocracy, having in their possession the local country estate. The owners of country estate in Hrušovany count Khuen-Bellassi with wife Emanuela have taken into operation in 1851 the sugar factory, that succeeded to process 30 tons of sugar beet per day. They were among others also patrons of Alfons Mucha and they paid his studies in Munich and Paris, where he became one of the most famous Art Noveau painters.
The sugar factory employed 40 workers and during the sugar beet season 300 workers. The next  heir was son of Emanuela Dr. Karel Khuen Bellassi. Members of his family have lead the sugar factory on their own costs. The capacity was increased later to 250 tons per day. The next turning point was represented by construction of railway through Hrušovany in 1870. Dr. K. Khuen-Bellassi have rented the sugar factory in 1889 to the company Kürchner-Bachler a Co. The capacity was increased to 500 tons per day. Production of cubes was launched in 1904.

The next development was favourably influenced by establishment of the joint stock company between the company Kürchner-Bachler a Co., count  Khuen-Bellassi and baroness from Vienna in 1911. The joint stock company has born the name "Moravský cukerní průmysl a.s., cukrovar Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou" (Moravian Sugar Industry Joint Stock Company, Sugar Factory Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou).  In 1919 all shares were bought by the Středomoravská cukrovarská a zemědělská společnost (Middle - moravian Sugar Making and Agricultural Company) and then in 1934 entered here the joint stock company for sugar refining industry in Hodonín. In 1948 the sugar factory became a national enterprise and then in 1951 the branch of an enterprise Jihomoravské cukrovary (South - moravian Sugar Factories). In the framework of JMC was built the new sugar factory in Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou in the years 1968 - 1970 with the capacity 4 000 tons of beet per day. The sugar factory  was built by the Polish supplier.

The production was moved into the new works and in 1970 started the new sugar beet season.  In May 1st, 1992 was found the joint stock company Cukrovar Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou. In 1994 entered the foreign capital into the sugar factory, when the shares were bought by the company AGRANA International AG, Wien.  In 1995 the increase of basic capital was done and from this deposit the silo for 20 000 tons of sugar was built. In the next year extensive investments in technology started. In 1999 the General Assembly agreed the project of merger the Cukrovar Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou, a .s.  with  Cukrovar Uničov, a.s.   and  1. Slezská, a.s. Opava. In this year as the first sugar factory has introduced in the market the complete series of products under the name "Korunní cukr", that was extended gradually by other sugar based products. In January 1st,  2000

Opava plant

Significant data from the history of the sugar factory in Opava – Vávrovice

In 1869 the Silesian peasants decided on the meeting of beet growers in Jaktař to establish the sugar factory. The committee of three members was elected, that lead all labours on the erection. The foundation stone of the sugar factory in Vávrovice had been laud in 1869 . The first sugar beet season started in January 8th, 1870 from the beet harvested in 1869, during the sugar beet season was processed 7 616 tons of sugar beet. In 1905 the raw sugar works was destroyed by fire.

After the World War I the extensive investments in technology were implemented, however, during the World War II the major part of devices was destroyed. By repairs of devices destroyed by war there was clear, that the sugar factory already finished it's days and there was necessary to increase it's capacity, because of the fact, that from 13 sugar factories built before the World War I in Silesia remained only one in Opava-Vávrovice. Therefore in 1949 the work on the new sugar factory started. 

The first sugar beet season in the new sugar factory started in 1953 with capacity standard of processing 1 000 tons of sugar beet per day. The sugar factory became a part of the national enterprise Slezské cukrovary (Silesian Sugar Factories).  The sugar factory has undergone gradually the various organisational changes and was re - constructed continually. In 1989 it was one of nine works of Severomoravské cukrovary s.p.(North - moravian Sugar Factories, state enterprise) and processed  2 050 tons of sugar beet per day.

In 1992 was established the joint stock company 1. Slezská (1st Silesian). In this time period the re - construction of diffusion and other devices to higher capacity was implemented.

In November 1998, when the sugar factory obtained the Austrian company Agrana, the processing of sugar beet was ca. 3000 tons per day. In the sugar beet season 2000 the sugar factory in Opava  processed in average 3150 tons of sugar beet per day.

In 1999, the general meeting approved the merger project of Cukrovar Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou, a.s. with Sugar Factory Uničov, a.s. and 1. Slezská, a.s. Opava. This year, as the first sugar factory in the Czech Republic, it introduced a comprehensive range of products under the name "Korunní cukr" to the market, which is gradually being expanded with other sugar-based products.


Organizational Structure of the Company


Supervisory board

Mag. Andreas Schröckenstein
Ing. Mag. Josef Herbert Eisenschenk


Ing. Ružena Brádňanová – executive director
Ing. Adrian Šedivý, MAS – executive director


History of Moravskoslezské cukrovary, s.r.o.


General meetings of two independent companies approved a merger of two sugar refineries in Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou, Opava and Uničov


As of 1 January, the sugar refineries use their joint name Moravskoslezské cukrovary, a.s.


Sugar refinery in Uničov closed


A new Supervisory board was set up. The number of its members was increased to a total of six. A new board of directors of Moravskoslezské cukrovary, a.s. was elected.


Reduction of Supervisory board members to 3


Personal change in the company´s Board of managers


Change of legal form from Joint Stock Company to Limited Liability Company and also change of name to Moravskoslezské cukrovary s.r.o.


In times like this, nothing is as important as the world we live in. Therefore AGRANA focuses on environmental awareness and sustainability as well as best quality and service. We offer our customers a wide range of individually designed products and services in order to meet their specific needs.Our creativity and flexibility is the key to our customer’s success.