Sugar and sugar specialities

Our unmistakeable country-specific brands are the key to marketing our diverse sugar products and sugar speciality products in the food retail and industrial sectors. Our successful brand strategy: Consistently high levels of quality and attractive packaging designs. This makes AGRANA one of the leading sugar companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Food production and catering sectors

The sugar is sold on to end consumers and the food processing industry. Customers appreciate both the attractive packaging design as well as the consistent quality level. It is for exactly these reasons that the brand has long enjoyed such an outstanding reputation among consumers.

AGRANA offers industrial customers a wide range of conventionally and organically grown tailor-made sugar products. Our long-established and stable business relationships with local producers and major international groups make it clear that we are delivering exactly what our customers demand.

Our top-quality products are used in the food processing industry as well as in the baking and confectionery sectors. Examples include their use in the production of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, dairy products, confectionery or in fruit processing and the production of jams. Sugar is sold in volumes ranging from 4g sugar sachets to full tankers.

Korunní cukr krystal

Ko­run­ní cukr krys­tal

The Czech cuisine offers a range of desserts that can not be enjoyed without the traditional natural raw material - crystal sugar. It is added to basic doughs. .Sugar with clearly visible, however, finer grained crystals. This all-purpose sugar is used to sweeten cold and warm meals and drinks.

  • Korunní cukr krystal - 1 kg
  • Korunní cukr krystal - 5 kg
  • Korunní cukr krystal - 15 kg
  • Korunní cukr krystal - 50 kg
  • Korunní cukr krystal - BigBag

Ko­run­ní cukr kru­pi­ce

Ko­run­ní cukr kru­pi­ce

It is suitable for sweetening beverages as well as for cooking and baking according to traditional recipes, including the preparation of basic dough types.


The following packages are available on the market:

  • Korunní cukr krupice - 1 kg
  • Korunní cukr krupice - 15 kg
  • Korunní cukr krupice - 50 kg
  • Korunní cukr krupice - BigBag
  • Korunní cukr krupice - Hygienické balení

Korunní cukr Icing Sugar

Korunní cukr Icing Sugar

Korunní cukr moučka (popularly called icing or powdered sugar) is especially suited for Easter or Christmas baking, but it fits over the whole year. The sugar of the finest consistency is stored in a bag and still in a decorative and solid box.


  • Korunní cukr moučka - 1 kg
  • Korunní cukr moučka - 15 kg

Korunní cukr - cube Sugar

Cube sugar

Cube sugar is fine granulated sugar pressed to cubes. It is especially suitable for measured sweetening of all kinds of hot drinks and to refine the taste of fruit dumplings.

Espresso cubes

Espresso cube sugar is a fine granulated sugar that is compressed into small cubes. It is ideal for individual sweetening of espressos with cream or strong espressos. The little Wiener cube-sugar for trendy people!


Packaging size:

  • Korunní cukr kostky - 0,5 kg
  • Korunní cukr kostky - 1 kg
  • Korunní cukr kostky - hygienické balení 4 g

Korunní cukr Baking sugar

Korunní cukr - Baking sugar

Baking sugar is a very fine granulated sugar, which is slightly soluble and easy to mix up with other ingredients. It is perfect for all kinds of confection of pastry.

Packaging size

  • Korunní cukr na pečení - 1 kg

Korunní cukr Jam Sugar 2:1

Korunní cukr Jam Sugar 2:1

2 parts fruit, 1 part sugar Ideal for making jams and jellies. Jam Sugar 2:1 is fine crystal sugar that is mixed with apple pectin and citric acid at the right ratio. For light, less sweet jams.


Packaging size

  • Korunní cukr želírovací - 1 kg

Korunní cukr Candy sugar

Korunní cukr

Candy sugar - brown

The extra big sugar crystals are extracted in a complex operation by slowly crystallizing of molasse and obtain their yellow-brown colour and their very fine taste from caramelised sugar. Candy sugar gives strong types of teas, mulled wine, grog, punch or fruits in rum it´s especially distinctive aroma and simply looks pretty on the table. It is also popular for homemade fruits liqueurs. Whether this sugar is pounded or dissolved in water or wine - it is perfect to refine the taste of sauces for venison, beef and spicy cakes.


Packaging size

  • Korunní cukr kandys - 0,5 kg